MOVE it to LOSE it Memorial Day Challenge!

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The time is NOW to focus on your health  and it's never been easier! Don't fall into the trap of thinking... "I'll do it when my gym opens back up" or "when things go back to normal" or "when my honey do list is complete."  HEALTH IS WEALTH and taking care of yourself is the absolute best thing you can do for your body and mind (and family!) Here's the skinny:

  • WHO? Anyone... and that means YOU!  You don't have to be my client to join and win! 
  • WHAT? Every day submit your minutes of intentional exercise (daily step counts do not count).  The exercise can be ANY type- running, jogging, yoga, swimming, Pilates, weight training, cross-fit, bootcamp... WHATEVER-- so long as it is exercise that you can track and show me proof of.  If you have an apple watch, let's connect!  Or use any app.  I will log every challenger's daily totals- no matter if it's 5 or 155 minutes!  After June 30th, I will tally each person's minutes and award the prizes!
  • WHEN?  Starts  Memorial Day Monday, May 25th and runs through the end of Tuesday, June 30th
  • WHERE?  Wherever choose!  The world is your gym!  (And if you need help, let me train you! :)
  • HOW?  Submit the entry fee here and text your name to 443-848-7999
  • WHY? TO WIN PRIZES & of course to be your healthiest, strongest, happiest YOU possible despite this virus and quarantine CRAP!  Here's the fun part.... Besides looking and feeling your best, you can WIN:
    • 1st place- chooses 1 prize between:
      • 3 individual personal training sessions via zoom or outdoors
      • 2 Surf and Turf workouts which include a rental paddleboard, 45 minute water instruction, and a 15 minute booty lifting on land workout just for you!
      • 1 month unlimited group training (on zoom or outside when permitted and available)
      • $100 Visa Gift Card 
    • 2nd place chooses 1 between 2 personal training sessions, 1 Surf and Turf workout (paddle board rental included), and $75 in Bootcamp Bucks
    • 3rd place wins either 1 personal training session or $50 in Bootcamp Bucks!