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Are you going quarancrazy?  

Not sure when you'll be able to go to the gym again? Bored of the same old routine? Need help staying motivated? No matter what your situation is WE CAN HELP! Our award winning training program is now exclusively online and will adapt to the changes as they come. Once outdoor group workouts are permitted, we will incorporate those into our virtual training program as well. We are a #noexcuses team that will do everything possible to provide our clients with as many safe, healthy, and effective training options as possible!  

Wanna work with our group? NOW IS THE TIME!  

  • Get the results you are looking
  • Manage your stress levels
  • Improve your overall health
  • Boost your immunity 

Our workouts are different every time. Your trainer will make sure you are doing the exercises properly, guide you, hold you accountable, and help you maximize your time all for a fraction of what personal training costs. Online access to our group program puts a trainer in your pocket without emptying your wallet!

We currently have approximately 17 weekly preset times for you to choose from. There are options for those clients who don't have any equipment and sessions dedicated to those who do. We understand that during these times, equipment is hard to come by, but we won't let that stop us from helping you reach your goals!  You don't have to be in shape already to join us either. Our program is suitable for beginners and seasoned athletes alike and men, women, and children of all ages.

We make fitness FUN (no, really, we do!) and don't let the "bootcamp" name scare you... It's just a fancy way of saying that we use all kinds of exercises to mix things up, so that we work your entire body, including your heart, with each and every session. Our group program is the most affordable, effective, efficient and FUN way to reach your goals. Let us show you how and find out why people come for a trial and stay for a lifetime!  

Your body is my business!

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Have you missed us?!   WE'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!

Now that our program is ONLINE it's easier than ever to get back to your favorite group training program - no matter where you are!  We are already hard at work making the studio internet ready so that we can successfully integrate an online component to our group training once we are back in the studio, so don't worry about ever losing contact again.  Additionally, when Maryland is permitted to hold group workouts outside, we will jump on the chance, but will still integrate and provide online options as well.  We understand that everyone's needs may be different and that some people will be more comfortable sooner in a group setting, while others may want or require more time apart.  No judgement here.  We aim to serve all of our clients in a safe, fun, efficient, and cost effective manner.  Current clients will tell you that we haven't missed a beat (or a workout for that matter) when we abruptly had to transfer our program to providing in-home online services and we are committed to keeping that up.  If you know Kim, you know she will not let anything stand in her way of training her clients.  We will roll with the punches- whatever they may be.   

NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME to rejoin us!   This is basically buy 1 month, get another one for FREE!!  This special price has never been offered and will not be around for long.  Take advantage of this TODAY! 

Special pricing reserved for clients making a comeback after a 3 month or more absence.

Private & Semiprivate Personal Training

Looking for more individualized attention or just don't feel comfortable in a group?  No problem!  

We can work with you via Zoom right now (and in studio as that becomes possible) to get you the results you desire!  Become the best version of you possible with your customized workout plan and make sure you are doing things properly with instruction and guidance from your very own master trainer, who will also hold you accountable and help you progress in a safe and effective manner. 

In-home in-person services also available when Maryland restrictions are lifted.  Service area is limited and travel fees apply.  Additional individuals can be easily added to your private session for only $25 per person.  Share the cost of training with a loved one and have an extra layer of accountability (and fun!)



1 Session: $100.00

10 Sessions: $850.00*

20 Sessions: $1500.00*


1 Session: $60.00

10 Sessions $475.00*

20 Sessions: $750.00*

*Installment payment arrangements

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Program Development

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Getting bored of the same old routine?  Sick of putting in work and not getting the results you're looking for?  Do you have the motivation and self discipline to stick to your workouts but those workouts aren't working? 

We've got you covered! We will tell you what to do and how to do it to get the results you want.  Let us design an 8-12 week program for you with your specific goals in mind!  We can design a program that is made just for you to do on your own and we can even show you virtually, if need be!  

Your customized program will:

  • Cater to your starting point
  • Fit your schedule 
  • Have your goals in mind
  • Consider your preferences
  • Keep you from being bored
  • Maximize your efforts
  • Use whatever equipment you have