Group Training

Don’t let the Bootcamp name scare you!!! Our group training program will you get you in the BEST shape of your life for a FRACTION of the cost of private personal training.  Women and men of all levels are welcome! We offer expert training, in a group setting, with a personalized touch.  Our small group (max 20 people) provides an encouraging, positive environment for you to have fun while reaching your goals.  Check it out for a week for FREE!

Private Training

Fend off boredom and get MAXIMUM results with our one on one personal training programs in your PRIVATE studio!  No onlookers, no distractions, no excuses.  Everything is about YOU!! Reach your goals with your master trainer attending to your every need, when you need it.



Healthy Steps to Nutrition

NEVER diet again.  It doesn’t work. Feeling deprived leads to failure.  To change your body, change your life, starting with perspective.  Learn how to have a healthy relationship with food that focuses on building your healthy body from within.  All this can be done with enjoyment with our “tricks of the trade”. Never feel deprived and have your friends asking you “How did you DO that?!”

Do you want to be is the best shape of your life?  Would you like to learn the fastest, safest, most effective way to reach your goals?  I will show you how with my proven methods of training clients from age 8 to 88! Whether it's group training or personal training that interests you, I am here to help you reach your goals all while keeping you engaged, motivated, and accountable.

I have been training men, women and children of all ages and all levels for over a decade.  I believe EVERYONE deserves to look and feel their best and to live a life full of health and happiness.  I started my career with Gold's gym after graduating from college and attending law school.  While I loved the experience working for a corporate gym provided I could not wait to venture out on my own so that I could really put my clients first.  I opened Crofton Bootcamp & Personal Training and have been using my diverse programs ever since to help people from all walks of life reach their goals.  Whether you are a beginner looking to start exercising for the first time, a gym enthusiast who just wants to mix things up a bit for a new challenge, or an athlete who needs wants to train to improve in your sport, you have found your trainer!  With over 10 years of experience helping others, and a lifetime of practicing what I preach, I will help get you where you want to be AND you will have fun doing so!

I have been certified as a Master Trainer and have studied youths and athletes specifically.  I previously worked as the Official Fitness Instructor for NBA's Antawn Jamison's youth basketball camps and also worked under Coach Josh Pratt as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Towson Catholic's boys basketball team.  While I absolutely love working with children and athletes, I also have a special niche for training maturing adults.

I have extensive experience working clients who are in their mid to late 30s, 40s,and 50s, as well as with the mature population.  As we age, or bodies change and our workouts must as well!  I truly believe that exercise is beneficial and appropriate for all ages, so long as your program changes to cater to your changing body.  What is suitable for prepubescent youths differs from what suits post pubescent youths.  Similarly, how to train those 20 somethings is MUCH different from training clients in their 40s.  My "Injury Free is KEY" motto applies to clients fro 8 to 88, so come join me and le me guide you on your way to the best version of you possible with my effective, affordable, safe, and enjoyable programs!


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